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This guidance website has been produced in conjunction with The Greenkeepers Training Committee and The Home Golf Unions and is aimed to provide an introduction to the Health & Safety topics that will effect all aspects of a golf club.

As in previous golf industry guidance notes it is worth establishing that golf is unique in sport, in that the greenkeeper remains in the ‘field of play’ during the game.  This provides a unique risk whereby staff are not just exposed to hazards from their work activities but also the activities of golfers as well. In addition to this with increased house building in and around golf courses there are new challenges to protect 3rd parties and neighbouring properties.


The Health and Safety in Golf Course Management and Maintenance publication has proven to be an instrumental reference point for so many golf clubs.

Following the success of the original publication, produced by the Health and Safety Executive in 1994 and its subsequent update by the Greenkeepers Training Committee (GTC) Ltd in 2008, the GTC have reviewed the materials and translated into a website.

With the increased pressure placed on managers and staff to ensure our golf courses are presented to an even higher standard, this places a greater emphasis on ensuring the health and safety of all staff, golfers and visitors at our golf clubs.

The information contained within the GTC Xact website is a comprehensive health and safety guide which advises how to safeguard golf club visitors.  It will be useful to golf club committees who have responsibilities, on behalf of the club, to employ staff and to maintain the course and buildings.

Many accidents can occur on golf courses, but most are caused by the use of machinery and pesticides.  The guidance found in the GTC Xact website gives general information and advice to owners, managers and employees of golf courses.  For more guidance on specific areas please follow the links to the respective websites or Ask the Expert.

The guidance given in this website is not mandatory, but it does contain information on the health and safety responsibilities of those involved in the business.  Employers may choose to take alternative effective steps if they wish.

The GTC’s Board of Directors is made up of representatives from England Golf, Scottish Golf, Wales Golf and BIGGA with an independent Chairman.  Each of the National Governing Bodies have engaged with Xact Health and Safety Consultants and developed Safety Management Systems that provide information on all aspects of managing Health and Safety and employment in the workplace. 

The GTC in association with Xact, have developed the Guidance as an overview of health and safety and they complement the specific work carried out by the National Governing Bodies. 

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Health & Safety Guidance is provided by the Greenkeepers Training Committee and managed and produced by The Xact Group.

The pictured Health & Safety Training wallchart is available from the GTC and can be purchased here.